Black Leather Trench Coat

Five Ways To Style A Trench Coat

A trench coat is one of the main elements of every women's wardrobe, which will never go out of fashion. Moreover, it will be a great escape in rainy weather, as a leather trench coat made of waterproof polyurethane fabric. This season, most designers recommend opting for a trench coat.

Interesting fact that trench coats were originally designed for officers of the British army. Since then, its popularity has grown with innovative designs and revolutionary fabrics. The history of a trench coat began about 150 years ago. However, even now, the trench coat continues to be relevant among people who prefer fashion and comfort.

Our blog will help you to build beautiful outfits with a trench coat and look stylish this fall!

Look 1
Black Trench Coat+ Track Suit

This look is not just comfy and practical but also looks incredibly stylish. It is a perfect choice for rainy and cold weather. If desired, you can make it look more casual and supplement it with a leather backpack and sneakers, and in case you still want something more feminine, choose 1980s-style square-toed ankle boots and a baguette bag.



Black Trench Coat Women's


Look 2
Black Trench Coat + Dress

A super romantic and cheeky look will diversify your wardrobe. It is an excellent choice for a business meeting or nights out. Complete it with heels and a matching bag, and you won't go unnoticed.



Long Winter Trench Coat


Look 3

Black Shiny Leather Trench Coat on the Naked Body

Designers offer to wear a trench coat directly on the naked body. Outerwear in the role of a dress looks quite interesting and unusual. If there is discomfort in wearing it this way, you can wear a long T-shirt or bodysuit underneath. Adding heavy jewelry and a baguette bag in a bright color will create an incredible look that will attract admiring glances.


Black Leather Trench Coat for Women


Shiny Black Trench Coat



Look 4

Trench Coat + Jeans

Don't know what to wear on a cold rainy day and look stylish at the same time? This look is for you! It's great for meeting up with friends or on a casual date. We recommend wearing it with high-waisted jeans and a black bodysuit. Moreover, you can make it look more stylish with a hat and a pair of sneakers.




Street Style Trench Coat


Look 5

Trench Coat + Leather Shorts

One of our favourite outfits: sexy, unusual and elegant at the same time. The perfect look to show off your uniqueness and stand out from the crowd. You can combine a trench coat with leather shorts and a crop top. For the colder weather, you can wear it with a bodysuit and over-knee boots. And do not forget about accessories! It will look amazing with a baguette bag and a stylish choker necklace.



Thimoon Leather Black Trench Coat


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