White Leather Cropped Top

How to Wear Crop Tops in Fall ?

Summer is almost over, and you worry about the crop top collection in your wardrobe? Here is the good news! We'll show you some tricks about how to combine crop tops in fall 2022.

Look 1:
Oversized Blazer + Crop Top

For many years this outfit hasn't gone out of fashion at all. However, it's not surprising, it's perfect for any event in your life. You can combine it with ripped jeans for a more cheeky style or wear it with classic pants and heels to look stylish, professional and elegant.
It also looks awesome with leggings shorts, you definitely won't go unnoticed.


          Oversized blazer with crop top and legging shorts     Oversized blazer with crop top

Look 2:
Oversized Shirt + Crop Top + Sweat Pants

This trend is loved by many people and it remains to be trendy in the fall of 2022. Combine it with pair of sweatpants that match the color of the crop top and wear an oversized shirt over it. Although the look is simple, however very comfy, warm and stylish. We especially recommend matching it with an oversized plaid shirt and white sneakers. Looks beautiful!


Tank top with plaid shirt and sweatpants


Look 3:

Hooded Crop Top

It has been with us recently but burst into favorite quickly - very unusual and unique design. We recommend wearing it with matching sweatpants and a contrasting crop top. A perfect look to stand out and to be different.


                                      Hooded Crop Top


Look 4:

Tracksuit + Crop Top

Who said you can't look jazzy in rainy and cold fall? We have discovered the ideal look that's sexy, saucy and super comfortable at the same time. The combination of tracksuit and crop top! This trend returned to us from the nineties and remains relevant in 2022. Indeed, you can choose varieties of styles: retro, street fashion or even a motorcycle tracksuit (which will be the hit of this season).



Tracksuit with White Crop Top


Tracksuit with White Crop Tank Top



Look 5:

Classic suit + Crop Top

A super elegant and stylish look will diversify your wardrobe. It is an excellent choice for a business meeting or nights out. Complete it with heels and a matching bag, and you are ready to shine!


                                       Classic suit with Crop Top


 Stay tuned for more fashion tips from THIMOON.

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