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Shorts Combination Ideas to Mark Summer 22'

 The sun, which heralds the arrival of summer with the warming of the weather, almost says that we should take out the summer clothes. Undoubtedly, oversized t-shirts and shorts are the best items to save our summer months in comfortable wear where spaciousness is at the forefront. In today's fashion, shorts made of tracksuit fabrics, high waist and comfortable cut will make their mark this summer as well. Combining shorts is simple, but choosing shorts suitable for every occasion can sometimes be difficult. To help you with this, we have prepared shorts combinations that will make your mark this summer.

 Looking Cool While Combining Shorts

Shorts are one of the indispensable parts of summer months. It is possible for people who want to be comfortable or stylish to create a combination by choosing the appropriate pieces. Looking cool means not only choosing trendy clothes, but also wearing clothes that you feel comfortable in. 

  • You can use oversize t-shirts to look cool with sports shorts. Also, don't forget to get help from color trends that will be very fashionable this summer.
  • Get help from fabric shorts to look cool at a stylish dinner. You can choose jackets, high heels or stylish crops together with fabric shorts.
  • With the help of accessories, you can make the outfit look stylish or sporty. While using sports; hats makes the combinations a little more comfortable, fisherman hats and fedoras can add elegance to your shorts and offer a cool look.


One of the Most Comfortable Shorts of This Summer, "Track Shorts"

We now know that tracksuits are worn for a cool look in every environment, rather than as savior pieces. Shorts made of thin seasonal tracksuit fabrics will also be one of the indispensable parts of the summer months. It is quite easy to combine these shorts, which can give the most different look among shorts combinations with their colorful nature.

If you wish, camouflage shorts under great oversized t-shirts. If you wish, get a cool look by keeping up with the crop-top fashion. You can use these shorts for a cool look on summer walks.



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Indispensable “Jeans Shorts”
Denim shorts are at the forefront of the pieces that have not spoiled themselves since the 80s. Denim shorts, which are worn by everyone, whether big or small, male or female, can be combined to suit any space.

You can combine your denim shorts, which you can choose in mini or thigh high sizes, with your t-shirts in the simplest way. You can wear oversize t-shirts by tucking them into your waist or stretching them over shorts.

If you are planning a stylish dinner; By choosing bustier, strappy blouses or cropped pieces, you can add a stylish look combined with a summer heeled slipper or stiletto.

It will be very fashionable this summer with a wonderful oversize shirt. Shirts are one of the best pieces to match with denim shorts. Don't forget to give them a chance.


Denim Cropped Top and Shorts


"Linen Shorts" That Feel Like Nothing

Linen shorts, which maintain their place among shorts combinations and are the first choice of those who want to wear stylish shorts with shorts, are among the most preferred summer shorts due to their thin and breathable fabric. The only problem is that these shorts like to wrinkle a little too much.

In order to create beautiful combinations with linen shorts, it is essential to get help from accessories. More comfortable and useful styles in bags; belts with straw or large buckles on belts; watches and jewelry; They are very suitable pieces for linen shorts.



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"Fabric Shorts" That Will Add Elegance To Your Elegance
Fabric shorts are generally among the shorts with wide legs and suitable for all seasons. It can be combined to suit special occasions or office wear. Generally, high heels or boots can be combined by choosing them.

You can buy one of the shorts and jacket sets, which are sold as a set with blazer jackets. You will find that it has become one of the savior parts of your closet.

In addition to blazer jackets, it is possible to create very nice combinations with shirts and stylish blouses. You can add movement to your combinations with thin straps and accessories.


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"Bermuda Shorts" Going Between Capri and Shorts
Bermuda shorts, which are preferred in office wear and known as capri in men's models, are longer than normal shorts. These model shorts are generally suitable to be combined with jackets.

Bermuda shorts, which you can combine with any shoes you want, can usually be combined with high heels.

You can complete the bermuda shorts, which you can use comfortably in the spring months, with trench coats. You can also combine shorts with the help of strappy blouses, crops and various accessories.



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Shorts Preferences
Denim, sports shorts and cargo model shorts are generally preferred in men's models, as well as shorts such as Bermuda can create a very stylish look.

You can leave oversize t-shirts shabby and complete your combinations with hats and bags. You can combine Bermuda model shorts, which you can make stylish with shirts, with sneakers.

It is entirely up to your creativity to produce shorts combinations. If you want to spend a comfortable summer day, you can choose oversize combed shorts sewn from tracksuit fabric. You can create a comfortable wear with oversize t-shirts.

You can make stylish and summer-marking combinations with fabric and bermuda shorts. These shorts, which are also preferred by business women, can be combined very stylishly with blazer jackets.


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