About Thimoon

Thimoon is not just a clothing brand, it is a 25-years long history... It started when I was a 5 year old little boy who was spending his time playing football, collecting toy cars and preparing for elementary school. However, most of all I always loved helping my grandpa. He was a marvelous tailor, well known in town. I was getting thrilled whenever we've got any order. He was sewing a lot of special apparels together (suits for businessmen, singers, actors, wedding clothes, hats). Most of our customers were getting unique outcomes suiting their needs.   
Psychologists remarks that children's interests and hobbies are formed at the age of 3-5. These experiences at the tailor store were also etched on my mind all the time but I didn't realize that I needed to do something to keep those joyful moments alive. Years passed, and I got two bachelor's degrees: Electronical Engineering and Computer Programmer. However, I was lost and did not feel that was my path. Finally, the fateful day had come. During my move to another apartment, I found my grandpa's scissors and sewing machine . Memories started to hit me like waves. I remembered how I was happy and motivated while working on apparels. And I asked myself a question: Why don't I start creating my clothing brand? I took it as a sign from my grandpa, whom we lost many years ago. That was a strong push for me to start working on something I used to love. Following to this, the unique brand THIMOON started from scratch.
Why "THIMOON"? During our work with my grandpa, he was always telling me stories about the greatest people in the clothing industry: Charles Frederick Worth, Robert Hinchliffe, George Aitkin... However, I was impressed and inspired by one man: Barthélemy Thimonnier... He is one of the first inventors of the sewing machine. This name stayed in my mind since I was five years old. So, I decided to name my brand in honour of this great inventor. Moreover, it was very important to me to include the figure of the Turkish flag on the brand name because our clothes are made of the best Turkish fabrics. Accordingly, our brand name consists the name of a great inventor Thimonnier and the figure of the Turkish flag - the moon. So, this is how THIMOON was created.